Sunday, February 28, 2010


I finally got to sit down and piece all of my quarter square triangle blocks and some complete blocks.  My favorite pins for piecing are Clover Patchwork pins (fine)  they are 0.4mm long and 36mm long.  I like them because they are so thin, they don't displace the seam in miniatures.  It is important to have seams match as perfectly as possible.  With such a small area to look at, seams that don't match, are glaring.
Pinning all of these quarter square blocks took longer than the chain piecing did. I use a stitch length of 2.0.  I used Precencia thread.  It is 3 ply, but it is very thin and strong.  I have also used Aurifil thread because it is also very thin.
It is important that the blocks lay as flat as I can get them. 
All finished.

Now comes the trimming.  If you remember from the previous post, I made the blocks bigger than I needed them.  This is because tiny blocks just look better if you can trim them down to the size you need.  With these blocks, I needed 1-1/2" blocks.  I marked the center 3/4" in from each side.  Then trimmed the block to the size I need.

All done

I couldn't piece a miniature block with out my trusty stiletto.
It is useful to guide the block under the needle. It is especially useful to guide the very end of the block as it goes under.  It always seems to veer to the left and make the seam too small if it isn't controlled.

I grade the seams of my small blocks so that they lay flat.  Bulk in seams is really noticeable when blocks are small.  Sometimes you see that you should trim seams to 1/8".  But if you trim both sides narrow, it makes it almost impossible for the seam to lay flat.  they kind of stand on edge.  Grading is better.  And since a miniature quilt doesn't get use like a normal size quilt does, there won't be enough stress on the seams to pull them apart. 
These are wonderful scissors to use for precise cutting.  I use them for grading seams and for cutting applique.  They are made by Clover and have serrated blades.  The serrated blades grip the fabric while you are cutting, and they don't let the fabric shift at all. 

I finished 6 and 7 more to do.  

Back soon with the finished top.


  1. I love the soft colors on these -- looking forward to seeing it them put together.

  2. This was really interesting! Thanks for sharing the product sources too!

  3. Thanks for the complements, I am going to have to find where I have comments emailed to me. I didn't know that I even had any. Thanks for checking in!