Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have pieced all of the blocks, and now I am auditioning background and border fabrics. 
I have some taupe cotton sateen that my friend Gail sent to me.  Actually, I have it for another purpose, but I thought of using it for the setting blocks.  I don't really feel that it is dark enough  for what I plan to do with this piece.
I do love the fabric.  It is some sort of hand dye I believe.  The color is hard to find. 
Instead, I found something in my collection that I think goes a little better with these blocks

The fabric is just a few shades darker.  I also am using a different border fabric that picks up the colors of the blocks.  
I have a feeling that I am going to hate to part with this. I could probably just go buy it, but I have a feeling that the price would be more than I could afford. 
Once the fabric is gone, that's it.  I only could find fat quarters as it was, and the fabric is an odd enough color, I don't come across it often. 

I may be back later today, I didn't go in to work extra.  I chose to  stay home today and work on this instead.

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