Monday, July 4, 2011


I had a comment about foam being used in the nook cover, so I would like to explain.  Yes, I know the first thought is "eww.. I wouldn't use foam".  I said the same thing until I tried it.  It isn't ordinary foam.  And the idea didn't generate with me.  I had an older bag pattern and the designer said that she uses 'headliner foam' in her bags because it adds nicer body to the finished bag.  It is a foam that is about 1/4" or less thick, and one side has a covering of a some sort of poly knit fabric. It is similar to the covering you would find inside your car on the part over your head.  I buy mine in the Home Dec department at JoAnn's when I have a coupon.  It is around 60" wide and full price about $15.00 a yard.  I got some on clearance recently so I bought the rest of it.  I have washed and dried it, and it doesn't shrink like batting would.  That's what makes it nice for bags.  They look very nice with the foam instead of batting the sides of the bag don't 'flop'.
The foam I got on clearance had maroon fabric covering.. I bought a little bit and quilted it inside white fabric, put it in hot water and it didn't bleed.  Straight line quilting works great, but free motion just didn't work well for me. Maybe if there was cotton on the back it would, but it is more dense than batting, and the stitches just didn't look right.
The designer that first gave me the idea has developed a new product that has the fabric covering both sides she calls it SOFT AND STABLE. She says it works better, although I have never tried it.  I think that if it is quilted between two pieces of fabric, it shouldn't make a difference.

You should get a little of it and give it a try, you might like it.

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