Sunday, November 23, 2014


If anyone is still out there, after many starts on another competition quilt I am stumped.  The one idea that I have played in my mind for years, just didn't pan out once I started making blocks.  I tried a couple more things going a completely different route.  These are 1.5" blocks.
Neither one do it for me much.  Truth be told, I like the one on the left, but a general consensus of friends think it is boring. "You need to add some color".. in my opinion, that would defeat the entire idea of a gradated gray quilt.  I look at it as a two color quilt.. grey and black.  Of course, many think I should add other colors to the quilt on the right.  I must have doubted myself because I asked opinions, wasn't sure about the advice I was getting.  So, I am in a kind of malaise about the whole thing.  I have/will miss the deadline to enter Paducah, but I still have time to get something together to enter Houston.

Right now I am gathering the materials for a small art quilt.  The idea for it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but, it will prove to be different. Making an art quilt is in many ways much easier than making a miniature quilt, with the exception of the handwork that will be involved, once I get started, I expect that it will not take as much time.

My Chasing Liberty quilt was juried into AQS Paducah, and into IQA Houston.
It has been accepted into Road to California for it's last outing.  It didn't win anything, but it wins in my heart.  Even though it has been 7 years since I had a quilt in a show.  I have only shown 3 quilts, 2 miniatures, and one art quilt.  I have five blue ribbons,  two best of's, and a miniature quilt that is part of the permanent collection at the National Quilt Museum.  That's not too bad, so I can't complain.  Also, out of all of those quilts, I like this one the best, even if the Judges didn't. 

I will make it back soon, and try to be better about posting,even if there is no one out there to read.  Have a good holiday season!!



  1. Your miniatures are beautiful, I love them. I only discovered your blog recently and I've enjoyed looking through your pictures.

    I actually really like the one on the right! The caramel/mocha tones look fantastic.

    The grey one is interesting, I like that one too. Maybe it's 'boring' because at this point there are only a few blocks? I think if there were just as many blocks as the other one it might have a bit more zing, if that makes sense? An asymmetrical (maybe string pieced?) border could jazz it up even more, I think.

  2. I'm just wondering what they would look like, not in solids but in a variety of small prints, with maybe a little solid here and there.....

  3. I have to admit that I prefer the gold version. If I were you I would trust myself and make what I want.
    Cathy In Kansas

  4. I like both! It would be cool on the left one to have one piece of color in the quilt... maybe one red middle with the rest all black/white/gray.