Saturday, November 27, 2021



Latest finish is this 15" quilt made with Cherrywood hand dyed fabrics.  I pieced the top a while ago.  After a couple failed attempts to machine quilt, one resulting in removing a whole section and re-doing it.  I finally hand quilted the whole thing.  I used Hobbs silk batting and black YLI hand quilting thread.  I cross hatched throuth the black squares and did an orange peel through the larger black areas.  

I've spent a lot of time making larger quilts.  This is the first true miniature that I made since last Christmas.  I am going to post my other makes on my Teri Quilts blog.  And I still have 2 borders to do to finish my Dear Jane.  I doubt anyone even sees my blogs anymore, but I thought I would post anyway!

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  1. I see your blog. Your miniature quilts are very inspiring. Love the Cherrywood fabrics with the black. So do those squares finish at 1/2"? I have thought about making a mini in this design, but haven't acted on it. This is beautiful!