Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today I worked on borders. I want to scallop the border, but I have the problem of not having large cuts of fabric to get enough for a bias binding. I have a lot to do before I have to worry about that right now.
I sewed this border on.  It was my first choice of fabric.  It turned out to be too dark and overwhelming.
So I auditioned another border fabric using the darker fabric as a narrow inner border
Instead of taking it all off and starting fresh, I cut it down while it was still attached to the center section.  Don't do this. It's lazy, and may not turn out well.  I sewed a couple of outer borders on, and it just wasn't looking good.  So, although it pained me, and it took an additional hour, I took everything off and re-cut.  I cut the inner borders 1" unfinished. And I actually found another print in my stash that is the same as what I intended to use, but it is a little darker and more brown.
I think this is better.  And, I got the print to run in the same direction.  I think that it will look best running vertically. 
Next up, quilting

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  1. It's very lovely and I can't wait to see the actual quilting. I hope you scallop the edge. It would be such a soft, beautiful touch.