Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today is quilting day.  I am using 100% silk thread made by YLI
 I have an extra bobbin that is set for silk thread.  I don't want  to adjust my every-day bobbin, so I marked this extra one with nail polish , and I take it out when I am using silk and other thin threads like nylon. 
When I use silk, I use this type of needle.  It is thin and sharp. Perfect for micro stippling.
I have taken several classes with DIANE GAUDYNSKI 
She recommended these little scissors for cutting the thread close to the surface when free motion quilting.  Luckily, I was at a quilt show at the time and I was able to purchase a pair. They have blunted and curved tips.  I can't really tell you the brand, but I can tell you what the markings on the scissors say.  Rostfrei, DOVO 44, and a tiny circle with a figure holding something in each hand. On the back it says Soligen Germany.

I started by "warming up".  I quilted a couple of the designs on scrap fabric.
I always do this because sometimes the things that look good in my head, just don't translate to the fabric or the quilting design.  For instance, the ironwork looked good drawn on the border, but I'm not too crazy about it quilted out.  Luckily, I have enough stars to quilt that I can decide what to do by the time I get to the border


  1. The quilting on this looks wonderful. The trapunto stars add such great dimension.

  2. This is coming along so beautifully.