Monday, November 1, 2010


You can not fully appreciate Jessie Harrison's miniature quilt, Blossoms and Berries, unless you have had the privilege of standing in front of it to study it.
  The size is about 11" square. And won awards in Houston, Paducah, and the Road to California Shows in 2001 and 2002.
Jessie passed away in 2002.  The quilt is part of the permanent miniature quilt collection of the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY. 
This quilt is perfect in every way. Those little berries are so small, 3 or 4 of them would fit on a pencil eraser.  They were appliqued with silk thread, but you can't see a stitch.  I looked. I studied this quilt for a while trying to figure out how she did this so perfectly, and I aspire to be able to applique on a small scale someday. 

There are miniature quilts that just take my breath away.  Diane Gaudynski's A VISIT TO PROVENCE and it's astounding detailed quilting. I've been fortunate enough to take classes from Diane. It takes A LOT of practice to get this good.

Judy Spiers perfect foundation piecing on PINEAPPLE SURPRISE  speaking as a person who has made foundation pieced quilts and tiny blocks.  I just don't know how she does it. Tiny blocks with tiny components, and it lays flat and doesn't look like a seamed nightmare from the front. 

Jane Holihan combines beautiful applique, with beautiful, intricate hand quilting.  PRIMROSE

All of these quilter's have made the most beautiful miniatures.  I aspire to someday to make something as beautiful as any of these quilts.

Practice makes perfect.  You can only know how to do so much.  If you have knowledge and are really good with the basics, all of the rest is practice and trial and error. 

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