Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I found a couple of new books with patterns for small scale quilts. 
THE CIVIL WAR SEWING CIRCLE features miniature scale quilts and small quilts made with small blocks from 2"- 6", and there is at one quilt that is full size with 12" blocks.  I didn't study every page, but I believe there is only one full size quilt.  It has traditional blocks and interesting photos of families and soldiers and excerpts of  their letters to each other.
Every miniature quilter probably has a thing for 5" charm squares.  You buy them, and then you stack them up and fondle them once in a while.  This book gives you ideas on actually using them . I love the clever names of the quilts such as "Only Babies Eat With Their Fingers" or Wipe Your Feet".  All of the blocks appear to be around 3-4" and while some of the quilts are not technically miniatures, they are still small scale.

I have some free time today so I am thinking of starting a project for my guild show.  I don't have anything new to enter.  Check back when you get a chance. 


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  1. I have the one book, but may need to check out the other. Thanks for the recommendations.