Sunday, June 12, 2011


Although this is technically not going to be a quilt, it could be.  I bought a new NOOK and I want to make a slip in sleeve to keep it in. 
I found this bundle of scraps, from a line of Moda fabrics, on the  discard table at a guild meeting. The best thing about making miniatures, is that someones scraps can be your future quilt project.  Tumbler pattern.  There is a correction on her website for the template if you decide to piece this.  This is my first project from Terrie's book.  
I am going to make two of the foundations that make around a 7X7 little quilt.  

I was going to wait and post photos of my progress to the final product, but it has been so long since I have posted anything, I wanted to show you my plans and I will be back to show you the steps at later dates.  It shouldn't be too long, because I need this for my nook.  

See ya!


  1. Hi Terri,

    Just to make sure you are using the right template -- the correction on the website is for the Pyramid Triangle template. The tumbler template is fine as is. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out - your fabrics are very pretty!

  2. The scrap bundle is gorgeous!!! Look forward to seeing your Nook cover!!!!

  3. Just found yoy and I'm now following:)

  4. I'm working on a pattern for a bag for my nook -- I've already made one and I love it. Yours will be gorgeous with those fabrics!