Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've been working extra so I haven't had the time or energy to get started on my pieced Nook cover, until today. 
First, I made copies of the pattern.  I ignored the advice to copy on vellum.  
But, I realized that I was wrong, and I broke open the package of vellum that I had
I had several packages of this Vellum that I purchased at Michael's craft store.   I like it because it is a standard paper size so that I can feed it through my printer, and I am lucky enough to have a copy machine at home, and it worked in that.

Another thing that I learned is to take the time to read the directions and don't just look at the photos.  I marked 1/4" away from the lines like in the book, but if I had read the directions, I would have seen that the lines should have been drawn onto the side that the fabric would be placed.  So I have red lines and green lines, and I have to remember to not use the red.  
It was a little tricky start, but once I got the hang of what I was supposed to do, it is working great. 
Terrie, uses Roxanne's glue baste.  I have an older bottle that I bought a while ago, and I got these stiletto things to clear out the applicator.  It is such a pain to keep the applicator clear, these help some.  
I took a class with SHARON SCHAMBER who uses Elmer's school glue and these little stainless tips
You replace the tip on the bottle with one of the caps provided, and you screw the stainless tip on the end of the applicator.  They are easier to clean and not so awful about clogging because they are shorter than the Roxanne's glue.  Plus the fact that the glue is less than a dollar this time of year (back to school) and there is 2-3 times as much glue in the bottle as compared to the 7+ dollar Roxanne's.
This is the point I am at.  Not a lot of contrast.  Normally, this isn't something I would go for, but, it isn't a quilt, and this actually is the look I am going for in this project.  I suppose if I read the directions completely, it probably says to sew the rows together after all of the piecing is finished.. I couldn't wait to see what it would look like.  
Pretty cool technique.

Hopefully, I will be back this weekend to update my progress.


  1. I've never used this type of vellum before, looks interesting! But I have used Roxanne's glue!! Can't wait to see the completed cover!!!

  2. I'm looking at what you're doing here and I am curious why you are choosing to add the patches one row at a time. I'm not critical: I'm just wondering if you are running into a problem that means you are choosing that route instead (since it defeats the whole "in minutes" part of it). Can I help? (Or please excuse my commenting if I'm just getting in the way!)