Thursday, June 30, 2011


Set in my ways I guess.  I looked at MINIATURES IN MINUTES ..well I looked at the photos thinking that I understood how Terrie did it.  I showed you the few rows that I pieced last night. It would have worked the way I did it, the old normal paper piecing way. And I kind of always end up doing everything the hard way..  I never would have thought of this technique in a million years.

  Luckily, Terrie commented and asked why I was doing it that way.  So I took the book with me when I went to dinner and actually read the directions that accompanied the photos. It took a couple of read throughs to actually understand the process.  and I have to say that it is brilliant. Pretty dumb on my part to try a new technique and be so arrogant to think that I wouldn't have to read the directions.  I learned a lesson with this one.
If I would have followed the instructions it would have only taken an hour or so to piece this top. which is astounding.   I have sewed all of the rows together, but by then I turned my iron off.  I will press it tomorrow.  
I should be done with this tomorrow if I don't have anything to distract me. 

Thanks for the heads up Terrie!!

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  1. Oh, so glad I helped! And I just love the fabrics you chose -- do perfectly delicate and spring like.