Sunday, October 28, 2012


Several years ago I made a quilt that got damaged because of my error in not being certain that my hand dyed fabrics were past the bleeding stage.  You would have to look very closely at it now and know what it looked like before to see the problem, but at the time it was devastating for me. I always thought that I would try to make another one.  But that I would do things differently this time. 
I have fed "Stable Stuff" sheets through the laser printer this time.  Last time I used tweezers to pull out all of the paper in the hundreds of little geese blocks.  I won't want to leave the stable stuff in the areas that I will quilt, so I will cut that away when the time comes.  Otherwise it will just remain in the quilt.

Although I do many things on my computer, when it comes to designing a quilt I am the hands on, graph paper, fly by the seat of my pants kind. I usually have a general idea how I'm going, but I let ideas blossom as I work on the piece, as it usually takes a while to finish.

I have never become proficient at EQ enough to design anything beyond what they have in their libraries. For me, it is mostly a tool for printing basic block patterns.  I went a really crazy round about way to make a completed quilt top design that I could color in with pencils.
I took a photo of my quilt, did various things in ipad apps to give myself a line drawing, and set off to draw lines.  I know... how old fashioned.  I'm thinking of getting out my graph paper and trying it.. But for what I want, this will work. I'll make copies of this and then use colored pencils to get different color placement ideas. 
I plan on using all solid hand dyed fabrics.  I have a bunch of Cherrywood pieces that I could use.  That is the best thing about miniatures, you don't need much.

So, I finally have made a move toward getting something started at least.  I have two at various stages on my design wall, one only needs quilted, the other needs a border pieced first. 

I hope that you all are doing well, it is starting to get pretty chilly here!

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