Saturday, April 26, 2014


I've told you about my ARTOGRAPH LIGHTPAD before.  But I wanted to show you some pictures of a quilt that I am marking using it.  I am going to quilt a nine patch quilt made by my friend Georgia. I wanted to show you some ideas that I had for the quilting designs thinks to EQ7, I could easily print out what I needed.

I printed out a 4" Dresden petal block  and marked it so that I could easily like it up with the border. I cut out the tops of the petals so that I could use that as reference to position the template when I put it under the fabric.  It worked out great!! I love this lightpad because it has even light distribution from the bottom, and I can have a light shining directly above it so I can see what I am doing on the top.

I wanted to make arcs between the dresdens, so I looked through all of those tools that I never use and found this easy circle cut ruler.  perfect.  I used the arrows on the ruler to line the center up with the center of the blocks.  It worked out very well.  When it came to the little dresdens in the center areas, I got the bright idea that instead of moving the template between blocks, I taped the template to the light box and moved the quilt over it.  That was a good idea even if I say so myself.  I thought that I was finished, but now that I look at the photo, I see that I have to go back and do the half plates in the triangles.  Back to work!!
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