Thursday, May 1, 2014


I did finally finish the quilting on my friend's quilt.  It was not without problems though. I broke FOUR needles just starting the quilting because I didn't pay attention.  The first three were because I didn't tighten my free-motion foot down.  It took the whole thing falling off for me to wise up.  Then I broke the last needle because I didn't tighten the needle into the shaft and it fell and broke.  Then when I finally got my act together, I checked my back and THIS happened

I have several scalpels, so it only took a minute to take this off.  I was probably taking a chance given all of the problems that got me to this point, but it came off easily and I didn't cut a big hole in the back of the quilt.
 The quilting looks defined because I used two layers of Matilda's Own Wool blend batting.  I picked up this small roll at a show a while ago and I don't know if it is even still made. I found that it was uneven in thickness. Thin in one area and fairly see through in others.  That is why I used 2 layers.  I started with silk thread in the bobbin and the needle, but ended up using Bottom Line in the bobbin, which is about the same weight as the silk thread.. and cheaper.
 If this quilt had been intended for competition, I would have taken more time with the stripes on the outer border. But for the most part I think it looks nice. She is putting on a red border.  We hang out little 'show' next week, I will post a photo of everyone's quilt so that you all can see them. 

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