Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We finally got our little display up.
It is in a small space, but it is locked, which is something that makes you feel better if you are displaying miniature quilts to the public.  I hate to be so paranoid about it, but unfortunately, that's the way it is.   My friend Kaye, brought her regular size blue and white single Irish Chain as a backdrop which really set everything off perfectly.  It was fun to work on these projects, and I'm happy that we could share them.


  1. Great display! I love the blue/white quilts mingled with the red/white. : )

  2. A beautiful display of minis! You have every right to be paranoid. I was watching a video of Sue Bouchard from Quilt In a Day and she talked about having made a mini that was on exhibit in one of the big quilt shows and it "did not make it back home"!

  3. What a wonderful display. I'd love to see it "in person". Your Vortex quilt is beyond words- "awesome" isn't good enough... I am a new follower and look forward to seeing more of your Miniature work. I too make (and teach) Miniatures, and I totally understand your concern re. security of your little treasures. I am the same way - taught a class recently and had 15 miniatures spread out on a table during the class... I kept a close eye on them, as I did at my Trunk Show the previous evening when there were about 75 people milling around. Always better to be cautious. Congrats on some beautiful work and a lovely display.