Saturday, April 25, 2015


First of all, Thank You! For all of the nice comments.  It is good to know that someone out there is still reading my blog. I also have been looking at blogs and other people gave me the idea for these two tools that I am going to show you
If you like to make little hexagons but you don't want to go really small, here is a tool that will punch 1" hexagon templates out of card stock

This is the medium.  There is also a large that makes 1 1/2 " hexagons.  I haven't found a small one.  I got mine from AMAZON if you have "Prime" this is the best way... no shipping.  I looked when I was in a local craft store and couldn't find it. At least doing it this way saved steps, and gas.

The next thing I came across were these:

I don't use a whole lot of starch, but when I do, these will come in handy and make it easier.
I got mine on Amazon, but you can find them in the paint section of Lowes or Home depot. They are actually supposed to be used for cans of paint.. which is also a great idea. 

That's it for today, I hope that you all have a great weekend!!

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  1. Hi Teri, I just found your blog while looking for something on miniature quilts. Thanks for writing about your quilts, they are amazing, especially Chasing Liberty (I can't imagine how you made it).