Thursday, December 17, 2015


I've finished all of my Christmas projects.  I got an early start for once.  Usually, it would be unbelievable that I would be working on anything but last minute projects. This project is anything but last minute. This is a 22x28" quilt that is made from a Primitive Gatherings pattern.  I made hundreds of 1" and 2" half square triangles. I mostly worked on these when sewing with friends because they mostly took time and not much thought.  THIS part takes a lot of thought.  I am sure that there are easier ways to do this, but I decided to just grid off the layout sheet and mark as I go.  I should have made a copy, but I didn't think of it.  I don't think that I will consider making this again so it's not a big deal.  Unfortunately, I already put what I thought was a block together, so I am already working out of my grid.  Oh well.  no biggie. I decided to just color areas in red as I pieced them.  There is a LOT to be said for paper piecing.  It is so tedious to piece otherwise.  But like I always say, " making miniature quilts has greatly improved my piecing skills on normal sized quilts".  You should give it a try.


  1. Oh, I love this pattern. Looking good so far. : )
    I have this quilt all cut out, but only one block made. I am making my HSTs a little smaller than the pattern called for. And mine is in scrappy blues and browns.
    It is a long term when-I'm-not-in-the-mood-to-sew-anything-else kind of project. I just hope that when I am in that mood I will still feel like sewing on this.
    Look forward to seeing yours come together.