Saturday, August 29, 2015


 Many of you might you Roxanne's Glue Baste it.  I took a class with Sharon Schramber who uses Elmer's School glue.  She sells these little nibs that fit on the bottle.  I have found a much easier way to accomplish this without trouble of cleaning out another nib.  Just open the top a tiny bit.  practice to find the perfect amount.  It isn't much.  then use a Sharpie to mark the lid down to the cap to make sure you can easily find the place every time.  it worked great for me.

Using the pattern gave me little room vertically to  make it a different way.  I may try it differently next time.  I'll add a couple more rows, and make it so I don't need to sew it together this way and put the binding on the outside. 

For the most part I like this one better than my other one, and it will keep my device cozy and protected. 

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  1. Great tip. Thank you for sharing that, and your wonderful miniatures.