Sunday, March 20, 2016


My friends and I decided to do a challenge using Cherrywood Fabrics.  This is mine.  Still needs to be quilted.  it is so big.. 20" square.  Big in my opinion for a simple design.  Plus using dark purple fabric pieces means  that where they are used, they kind of fade into the background. Oh well, I have another idea in mind.  If I hadn't waited until the last minute to make it, I maybe could have tried something more exciting.  I just have lost my mojo.  I have  been staring at an art quilt on my design wall for a year.  I designed it after I came up with the border idea first. The border is the only thing done.. I know.. it's a backwards idea.  I can't help it. I think that way.. I added a link to instagram on my side column.  It is generally no more exciting than my blog is, but there you have it.  Happy first day of Spring!!!


  1. If that whole thing is 20"x20", those are some pretty small squares, regardless of how large the overall quilt appears to you.
    Love Cherrywood fabrics. What a rich depth of color! And the black makes it all stand out beautifully--even the purple. : )

  2. Teri, it is lovely! I love the dark rich colors! I hope you'll post a photo when it is all quilted.