Wednesday, April 26, 2017


It has been forever since I blogged anything.  Actually, it's been forever since I even made a quilt of any kind.  Life just sometimes gets in the way.  I finished this little top so that i could put it in a guild quilt show.  It was a practice piece for another top that I made.  I drafted the small pattern from an illustration in the Karen Stone Book.  The pattern was called Yardbirds Circling the Cat.  I called this one Little Birds.  It was in a drawer for years because I didn't really care for it.  But it was the only thing that I had close to being finished.  So now it hangs in my office so I can look at it and think about when I had time to play...


  1. I think it is a wonderful little quilt. How small is it?

  2. I love this quilt- reminds me of how our little group all met

  3. I love your quilt and all of the others in your collection. I just got done reading all of your posts from the very beginning and I have learned so much. It is so generous of you to share your tips and tricks. Now to buy a few books and jump into the world of making challenging miniatures. Please continue posting about your adventures with miniatures.

    1. Hi Carly, thank you for your kind comments. I hope that you make a lot of beautiful miniature quilts