Friday, March 12, 2010

I have decided to do scalloped quilting in the border and leave the edges straight.  I collect many different things to help me with quilting ideas.  This is a Dover book with ironwork designs.  I found the perfect design.  I made an enlargement of a design that I found in the book.

Perfect half circle.
Three scallops fit on each side.  I will put something in each corner as I am not going to try to fudge  a scallop and I can't fit a half circle in the corner anyway.  
Back later!

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  1. I'm from New Orleans area---love rod iron/black work...this is going to be an interesting borde; very creative. By the way, I was able to take 2 classes this week from Sally Collins (in your book list). She is an excellent teacher and her quilts are stunning/breath-taking!